The reggae revolutionary, Pablo Moses, is slated to tour the Western U.S. again this summer. He did a successful west coast tour February 09 with his Revolutionary Dream Band, and another tour in August 09. He and his band did the Bob Marley Day shows in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA, and from there, they worked their way north through northern California and up into Oregon and Washington. Pablo then toured Europe two times, doing the festivals there, before returning to the U.S. where his did the Northwest World Reggaefest amongst other western U.S. dates. Pablo has a new CD currently being released worldwide.

Pablo is a powerful live performer with a relative message. He continues to study and educate himself on the true realities of the world around him. His music shares his penetrating vision of these realities, and helps to open the minds of the people. Pablo shares with his listeners an alternative education to that given in the schools. His message is serious in bringing to light the corruption of the system, and in upholding a higher standard of social living. His musical arrangements are intricate and dramatically executed. His catalogue is extensive.

Pablo Moses is one of the reggae greats. Pablo Moses will go down in history as one of the founding fathers of roots and culture reggae music. He has toured North America as a forerunner in the reggae business. click here for more

New Album "Re-birth" to be released in 2010

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